VC, Hurricane Precious Pearl
Written by: Joe Lake-Owner/Trainer (

From day one VC Hurricane Precious Pearl has blown us away with her natural abilities and intelligence.

Pearl strongly carries the following attributes:

Pearl weighs about 48 pounds with a white and liver ticked coat.  She has a squared head with very tight feet and is extremely well muscled.

Pearl has proven many times that her intelligence can give her the upper hand.  She takes to training very well and seems to truly enjoy every minute of it.  When introduced to new situations Pearl always caught on to the task extremely quickly and always gives it her best. Pearl has been blessed with the unique ability to mark multiple birds whether it’s training or in duck blind.  For the double mark Pearl always remembers where each bird landed and never needed my guidance for the retrieve.

Pearl shows that very high drive paired with a very intense point can make for many memorable hunts. Whether the situation involves wild or training birds Pearl always has to show her style in very intense fashion.   We often say that every point is photo worthy.  Pearl’s drive pushes her to hunt with speed and efficiency at all times throughout the day.  One of the many comments we get about Pearl is how she never stops when hunting.

We use Pearl on all types of waterfowl and upland birds.  She has hunted in many states and has great bird finding abilities no matter what the terrain.  Perhaps the most telling is her ability to handle Ruffed Grouse.  She learned at a very early age that the only way to get a grouse was to stop immediately on scent and hold an intense point until we arrive.  Ever since the beginning of her hunting career we’ve only ever shot pointed birds.  Pointing Ruffed Grouse is one of the most challenging jobs for a pointer to do but Pearl has made even the hardest of tasks seem simple and natural.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been blessed with Pearl and expect nothing less than excellence from this litter.

Dam: Hurricane Precious Pearl

Sire: INT CH VC Sharp Shooters Ladies Man, "Chappie"

We currently have no puppies or started dogs available.  Please contact us if you are interested in future breedings.

Looking for a Hurricane Puppy?  Check out Hurricane's Precious Pearl, Owned and trained my Joe Lake.  Joe took Pearl to NAVHDA's invitational when he was 17 years old and passed her and is looking to complete her AKC Master Hunter in the near future.  Her older sister, Brandy, shown above, was also bred with INT CH VC Sharp Shooetrs Ladies Man, "Chappie" this spring and we are very impressed with the puppies they produced.  Pearl is from our 2013 litter and we have been following Joe and Pearl on their journey ever since.  See what Joe says about Pearl below.

VC Hurricane's Brandy Old Fashion, MH
Brandy is a medium range, cooperative, durable, dedicated, sweetheart in the house, loyal, easy training dog, that holds point and is steady in the field with good house manners and travels well.  One of Brandy’s nicknames is “Squiggle Butt” because she wags her tail at warp speed while including her whole body in ever swish of her tail.  She is a snuggler and gentle with adults and kids.  If these are the characteristics you seek then a Brandy puppy is what you're looking for.  
Brandy tested in NAVHDA ( and scored a maximum of 112 points on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test and a 201 in her Utility test and passed the Invitational in September 2017!  Brandy is now a North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association Versatile Champion as well as an AKC Master Hunter.   Her accomplishments have taken a couple of years due to Angie and I moving and changing jobs but make no mistake, she is a bird-finding machine!  Her ability should not be questioned.  Brandy can be snuggled on her bed taking a mid-day snooze and in an hour she is forging across 100 yards of open water for a blind retrieve and then heads to the field to polish her steadiness and bird finding abilities.

Of all the dogs that we have had, Brandy shows the greatest bird finding potential.  She shows her grandmother’s (Abby) ability to find birds reminiscent of years gone by.  Abby was the dog you put on the ground when you needed one more for a limit.  Abby was the one that would be missing only to find her on point holding a rooster when the others were headed back to the truck.  Brandy is that dog but with speed and style beyond your dreams.

If you’ve ever hunted the cattail sloughs of North or South Dakota you understand how critical it is to have a dog that will hunt the sloughs with gusto.  Brandy’s desire to work the tough cover is refreshing while also saving you from having to drudge through the thick stuff.  She will work all day and be ready to hit it hard again the next day.   Her movements seem effortless as she negotiates cover with ease.  We call her the “Cattail Queen” for good reason. 
Brandy's mother, VC Abby’s R’N’B Shellshocked Izzy, MH  was a liver and white ticked and her father was black and white (Look up Sharp Shooters Man in Black, call name Cash at  Brandy is from Izzy’s first litter that received a NAVHDA Natural Ability Breeders Award with four of the puppies testing well above the minimum required.   Izzy’s next litter also received a Breeders Award with all of the puppies receiving maximum score 112 points.   In 2019 we bred Brandy to INT CH, VC Sharp Shooters Ladies Man "Chappie".   We have been breeding with Sharp Shooters Kennel and have a good relationship with their owners and breeder/trainer they have on staff.  Top-notch people, top-notch dogs, top-notch program.   

We kept little Ale from Brandy's spring 2019 litter and are EXTREMELY PLEASED to say the least with this litter and how they are progressing.  So much that we decided to test Ale in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test and she lit the place up!!  She received a maximum score of 112 Prize 1 at only 4 months old and one the judges commented that we should have been video recording her tracking as it was so good that others would benefit seeing what it should look like.  Ale received an ovation from the gallery after tracking, and catching, the rooster after a 120 yard track!!

When we have a litter, they are born and raised in our home for at least 4 weeks until they transition to an area where we can get them outside quickly to encourage potty training.  Until then they grow up in our living room.  They spend many a night in our laps getting love and attention that makes them the great family members we want.  We socialize the puppies at an early age and give them well over 100 exposures to new people.  Our litters will take trips to the school where Paul works and get maximum interaction and socialization with kids ages 11-14.  Many teachers also hold puppies and enjoyed their cuddles.  They are on birds at 6 weeks to cultivate their prey drive and we start gun conditioning them at that same time.   By 7 weeks some will point and our current owners have reported phenomenal accomplishments in swimming, bird drive, retrieving, and fieldwork.  None of our puppies have ever been gun shy and our families are constantly amazed at their bird finding abilities and friendly personalities.  We start potty training well before they are ready to go to their homes and our families have had great success potty training at an early age.  We are convinced these traits are enhanced though our socialization efforts and attention to cleanliness and caring for them.   
While we love it when our families train and test their dogs, we are most interested in that they will be hunted.  Our dogs thrive in the home and field.  Our motto is "Bred for field and family" for a reason and based on our past results, our system is working. 

Brandy puppies are strong, energetic, courageous, curious, and fast with a cultivated prey drive for birds.  With that power comes responsibility.  You will need to spend plenty of time with your puppy instilling discipline and structure.  The work spent early in their life will pay huge dividends throughout their life as your hunting buddy.  If you can’t spend the time with them as a puppy it will be difficult to recover from the lack of discipline and structure. Puppies want, and need, structure.  It will give them the confidence to continue their education.
We cannot promise coloring or sex, but we do what we can to get our families what they want.  A pick in the litter can only be secured with a deposit on a puppy.  We require a $300 refundable deposit.   Our deposits are 100% refundable. We only want our puppies to go to homes that will care for, and hunt, the puppy/dog.  Please feel free to call us for pricing,  additional information about Brandy or make a deposit to secure your pick in the litter.  
We reserve the right to keep any puppy from the litter.   Puppies are able to go home at 8 weeks.  Owners that ask us to keep their puppy beyond 9 weeks (Day 63) of age will be responsible for any veterinary bills and a $20/day boarding fee.
Please call or email us with any questions you may have. At any time you want to come visit Brandy and her GSP sisters, we would be happy to show her off to you. 
Good Luck with your decision, 
Angie and Paul Coenen 

Brandy passed the NAVHDA Invitational in September 2017 and her Master Hunter title through AKC the very next weekend.   We have received considerable interest in Brandy puppies.  Contact us for more information regarding Brandy.

If interested please contact Joe directly at

VC Hurricane's Brandy Old Fashion, MH

When you hunt with Brandy make sure you bring plenty of shells!

Hurricane Kennels

We only sell puppies to hunting families.  Our dogs are energetic and bred to hunt hard.  That kind of power comes with a responsibility to hunt them and allow them to utilize their ability to make your hunting experience memorable.  To keep them from hunting would be unfair.

 We thank you for respecting our hunting requirement.