Hurricane Kennels

"German Shorthaired Pointers Bred for Field and Family"

We love Kuranda beds we have them all through our house and kennel!!! 

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Welcome To Hurricane Kennels

Hurricane Kennels is about family.  Our shorthairs are our family. Angie and I focus our lives on the training and breeding of high quality German Shorthaired Pointers that are excellent hunters and a pleasure in the home.

Utilizing AKC and NAVHDA hunt tests as our proving grounds, we strive to provide well socialized puppies with excellent bloodlines ready to meet your expectations.   

In 2011 we kept VC Hurricane's Brandy Old Fashion, MH from our own breeding with our VC Abby's RNB Shellshocked Izzy, MH and INT CH, VC Sharp Shooters Man in Black, MH “Cash”.  She is a smaller female with a huge heart.  She covers the field with precision and can bust cattails with the best of them.  Her nose is keen and her desire strong.  Brandy loves to hunt and is a snuggler as well.  She is animated and fun to watch.  When she wags her tail her whole body wags!  A true pleasure in the home, vehicle and field.  She is an absolute blast to hunt with!!! 

We kept little Ale from Brandy's spring 2019 litter and are EXTREMELY PLEASED to say the least with this litter and how they are progressing.  So much that we decided to test Ale in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test and she lit the place up!!  She received a maximum score of 112 Prize 1 at only 4 months old and one the judges commented that we should have been videoing her tracking as it was so good that others would benefit seeing what it should look like.  Ale received an ovation from the gallery after tracking, and catching, the rooster after a 120 yard track!!  Please contact us if you are looking for an amazing hunter and a loving best friend for you and your family.

In 2010 we were fortunate enough to get Chloe.  To say we hit the jackpot is an understatement.  Chloe retrieves on land or in water with gusto, hunts all day long, loves kids, protects the home, and talk about style and flash!  Whether pheasant hunting in North Dakota, or grouse hunting in northern Wisconsin, Chloe knows how to make the most out of the cover to find birds.  We have kept two females from Chloe's last two litters sired by INT CH VC Sharp Shooters Ladies Man, "Chappie" (Zoe) and VC Sharp Shooters One Over the Limit, "Luke" (Ricci) to continue her legacy and ensure producing fantastic puppies in the future.  Zoe and Ricci will receive the best of training and exposure with the hopes of continuing Chloe's bloodline for years to come.

We only sell puppies to hunting families.  Our dogs are energetic and bred to hunt hard.  That kind of power comes with a responsibility to hunt them and allow them to utilize their ability to make your hunting experience memorable.  To keep them from hunting would be unfair.

 We thank you for respecting our hunting requirement.

Angie and Paul Coenen
Richland Center, Wisconsin