Bock- She reminds us of our Pepper that passed last year with her white strip down her nose.   She's bold and flavorful!!  Her home will be in Minnesota with lots of birds in her future.

Ale - Little Ale has a clean and distinct flavor that accentuates her hops!!  This is our little girl!!  :0)

Stout - He's a good sized liver/roan male with a bold flavor!  His new home is close by here in Wisconsin.  We hope to see him grow up.

Brandy had 5 puppies on April 4th.  Mom and pups are doing fine.  3 females and 2 males.  This year's theme is types of beer!  We taste tested all names before assigning them and we may have to do some final testing before they go to their new families but they all seem to fit their names!! 

Porter - He's the smaller of the two males.  He's liver and white ticked with a smooth personality. Quite a snuggler as well.   Porter is in South Carolina and we hope to see him at the invite in the future.

Amber - She's darker (roan) with a wisp of distinguishing dots on her backside and chaps just like her dad.  Her new home is in Michigan.