2022 proved to be a stellar year for Hurricane Kennels and our puppy owners!  Besides Ricci having 11 healthy puppies in January there have been plenty of success in The NAVHDA testing system.  Including Ricci's first NA Breeders Award and Brandy's first Utility Breeders Award.

Ricci puppies receiving NA awards:

-Hurricane Shining SuperNova                                   -Hurricane Bucky Barnes   

-Hurricane Kartoffelsalat                                            -Hurricane Perfect Storm "Remi" 

-Hurricane Gracie Beth Browning Boehmke              -Hurricane Dances With Wolves

Receiving Utility Prize 1 awards and going to the 2023 Invitational:

-Hurricane Prairie Storm Ricochet "Ricci" (Chloe)           -Hurricane There's No One to Blame But Me "Muddy" (Zoe)

-Hurricane Brandy Alexander "Ale" (Brandy)                     -Hurricane Tear Down The Wall "Reagan" (Chloe)

-Hurricane Lady Eleanor "Ellie" (Brandy)                            -Hurricane Triple Threat "Finn" (Chloe)

Ricci's 2022 litter

September 2021- 4 Hurricane dogs ran in the prestigious NAVHDA Invitational in Grinnell Iowa.  All four did very well and 3 passed to earn their Versatile Champion titles.  Hank, Porter and Zoe all passed with Daisey just missing on the blind retrieve.  With Hank and Zoe being from the same litter and passing we earned our very first Invitational Breeders Award!!  We are very proud of this accomplishment and all that has gone into achieving it.  Thank you to all that have helped along the way!!  Angie and I would like to give Special Thanks to our Hurricane family members that were instrumental in reaching our goals: Rod and Nicole Peterson, Matt and Jen Dodd, Scott and Margaret Semrad, and Stacey and Blake Horst.