Joe and Pearl shortly after getting their Utility scores and a dousing of ice water!!

September 2017- VC Hurricane's Precious Pearl passed the prestigious NAVHDA Invitational on September 15th, 2017 in Ohio.  Pearl and Brandy are the first two Versatile Champions from our own breeding program!!  Can you say WHOOP, WHOOP!!!

VC Hurricane's Brandy Old Fashion MH finished up her Master Hunter quest with 3 passes in one weekend after becoming a NAVHDA Versatile Champion.

Great work!  We're very proud of Joe and Pearl for all of their hard work and dedication. 

September 2017- Brandy passed the NAVHDA Invitational on September 15th and her AKC Master Hunter title on September 25th, 2017. 

June 2018- Hurricane Gale Force Chloe's Little Zoe and Hurricane Tear Down the Wall "Reagan"  earn a pair of Prize I scores at the NAVHDA Natural Ability test at the Kettle Moraine Chapter test on June 9, 2018.  Way to go Angie and Zoe, and Scott and Reagan!!

Brandy's first three passes last spring on her way towards her AKC Master Hunt title.   Intense points, cooperation, and solid retrieving characterized her runs.

June 2019- Another great weekend testing.  Hurricane's Prairie Storm Riccichet and Hurricane's Georgie Porgie ran their NA tests at the St. Croix Chapetr test at Kelly Farms on June 14th and 15th.  Both received Prize 1 honors with maximum scores of 112 Pts!  We were honored to be joined by the litter's stud (Luke) owner, Craig Jones, as he was able to watch all of our puppies from Luke earn maximum scores last year and now this year as well.  We are looking to complete our NAVHDA NA Breeders Award later this summer, the first for Craig and Luke.

August 2018- Congratulations to Hurricane's Kaja of Rosenlam for earning a Prize I with a clean 112 in August of 2018.  Kaja was Brandy's 2018 puppy.  She definitely carries her mother's energy.   Sorry for the blurry pics, not sure what that's about.