Strike a pose!                              She likes big girl food!                       Kaja and Pepper.                    I look just like my grandma!!​               Four generations.

Kaja was conceived on Christmas Eve and was named "Clarice" after Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer's girlfriend.  Not the horror Clarice everyone told us about!  Here name in her forever home is "Kaja."  

Kaja is an only puppy.  Kaja was born via C-section on February 24th and has had everyone's sole attention ever since.  Brandy has been a great mother and Kaja is very well taken care of.  She is extremely healthy.   Kaja has already figured out the doggy doors and goes outside to go potty through two of them at 7 weeks.  She's a smart little girl.  

Kaja has a special bond with Pepper and loves to snuggle with her.  Pepper is 17 1/2 and Kaja is that kindred soul that has comforted Pepper in her final days.

-More pics to come-