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Thank you for considering a Hurricane puppy.  We are already planning for 2024.   Check out our Breeding Females page for more information.   

Welcome to "The Maternity Ward" where we showcase our latest litters and moms-to-be.  These girls, and their puppies, are either our own females or from puppies we have placed with families.  We all love to see puppies and the excitement that goes with having them.  Our goal is to keep this page updated in a timely manner keeping it current as best we can.  We hope this page helps bridge that gap between our owners having puppies and the people we have looking for a Hurricane puppy.  ENJOY!   

All puppies were healthy, happy, and went to good hunting homes!
Left to right-Gator, Casey, Walker (front), Beth (back), Jimmy, Mo, Laramie, Teeter, Mia, Emily, Rip

VC Hurricane Prairie Storm Ricochet x VC Hurricane Porter James MH

2022 Breeding to be repeated in 2024.