Meet ​Hurricane Top Tier’s Daisey

Hurricane Top Tier’s Daisey
When you are waiting 5 years for your next bird dog, your expectations have time to grow.  The day Paul and Angie picked up Chloe at 7 weeks old, I offered to put down my deposit on a female from her fist litter.  Fast forward those 5 years and Top Tier Kennel got the next dog in our line, Daisey!  The wait was worth it! 

Daisey has been the spit-fire I knew she would be.  She was ready to go even at a young age.  When our SO MN NAVHDA had an NA test opening that 1st summer, I jumped on it.  Paul would be there to watch Daisey run that Natural Ability test at just 4 months old.  Run, boy did she- right over the first hill and she has continued ever since.  Daisey has loved to retrieve from day 1.  She would race past our other dogs to get the ball, bring it back, over and over again until you put it away. 

It is awesome, but your hunting vest gets very heavy when she keeps bring birds back to you.  One of the lab guys I hunt with in South Dakota said her first season that she fits right in with his dogs as far as retrieving but covered much more ground.  It is always thrilling to bring your dog into an area where they knocked a bird down and watch her put her nose to the ground and run past the other dogs to pick up that wounded bird.  I try to put my gun on my back and takeout the camera to catch her drive and intensity when we are hunting but pictures can't completely catch that drive and intensity.

Working though the years has been so much fun with Daisey.  The bond we create with our dogs is unbelievable as we train hard, hunt hard, and spend the days together in my work truck most days of the year.  Daisey hits the fields with style and drive.  When you are done, she wants to circle into the front seat and rest up for her next adventure.

Daisey not only thrives in the fields but is also at home in the water.  She loves the ducks!  It has been easy to train her in the water side of the NAVHDA system as she just loves to be out there searching and finding ducks.  She has taken me back to the days I had a lab. 

Daisey has been so much fun for my family.  With a house full of other pets, she fits into the group, playing with a cat, retrieving things the kids throw for her, letting my 2 youngest children experience the outdoors through the involvement with training, it all makes our dogs the family experience.  Breeding Daisey will bring more experiences for the household and I am very excited about seeing what her offspring will do in the fields, woods and water in their future!

If you're interested in a puppy from Hurricane Top Tier's Daisey please contact me at 507-273-0324.
Living the life,
Matt Dodd

Daisey had her puppies on January 20th.  Mom and pups are doing well and have the best of care.  Contact Matt Dodd for more information and secure your next best friend.

Welcome to our new page called "The Maternity Ward" where we showcase our latest litters and moms-to-be.  These girls, and their puppies, are either our own females or from puppies we have placed with their families.  We all love to see puppies and the excitement that goes with having them.  Our goal is to keep this page updated in a timely manner keeping it current as best we can.  We hope this page helps bridge that gap between our owners having puppies and the people we have looking for a Hurricane puppy.  ENJOY! 

Strong retrieving and water work.

Daisey (R) with her mom, Chloe (L) after Daisey scored a 204 on her Utility Test in August of 2018.  We have found that Chloe passes on her strong retrieving and tracking skills as well as her gentle disposition.  Daisey's father is a sweetheart as well and their combination has proven to produce fantastic dogs with great hunting skills in the field and water.

​Daisey training for the Invitational in July 2019.