Brandy pups born April 27th

All 2020 puppies have homes.  Thank you for considering a Hurricane puppy.  Contact us if you'd like to get on our waiting list for future litters.

Welcome to our new page called "The Maternity Ward" where we showcase our latest litters and moms-to-be.  These girls, and their puppies, are either our own females or from puppies we have placed with families.  We all love to see puppies and the excitement that goes with having them.  Our goal is to keep this page updated in a timely manner keeping it current as best we can.  We hope this page helps bridge that gap between our owners having puppies and the people we have looking for a Hurricane puppy.  ENJOY! 

Zoe puppies born on April 29th

Denver is a stout, strong, and cuddly guy who loves to explore and snoop around.  We see him use his nose quite often.

2020 is the first time we had two litters.  Not only were there two litters but they arrived 2 days apart!  Brandy puppies arrived on April 27th and Zoe pups on April 29th.  Brandy pups reflect a muscle car theme and Zoe's are named after state capitols.  Enjoy!

Shelby is sleek and fast!  Her horsepower roars with the best of them!

The Beach Boys would love this Little Deuce.  Just the right size with a friendly personality.  "You don't know what I got," sums him up.  He'll surprise you for sure!

Cheyenne snoops around and likes the sun.

The cool guy in high school drove a Nova and the good friend with the best dog ran a shorthair.  Nova brings together the cool and the best with a personality that is so pleasant with a strong motor!

Madison is a lover and enjoys falling asleep on your lap.

Bel Air is a true classic liver and roan with a spunky, yet sweet disposition.

Viper, like the sports car, is smaller yet sleek and easy on the eyes and hard on the heart.