Emily was a real sweetheart and won the hearts of all she met.

This year's litter theme was the characters from the TV show Yellowstone.   Our puppies may not always reflect the character in the show but it was spooky how close they came.

Rip...what can I say.  He was the biggest, strongest, and everyone was drawn to him.

Laramie-She may not be blond but she's a looker with a little attitude to boot!

All puppies were healthy, happy, and went to good hunting homes!

Left to right-Gator, Casey, Walker (front), Beth (back), Jimmy, Mo, Laramie, Teeter, Mia, Emily, Rip

Walker was pretty cool.  He knew when to be quiet and when to come out swinging!!

Teeter-This one has some real fire and personality for sure.  

Casey-The girls he went to said he was easy on the eyes.

Jimmy was the first born and a little weak at first but came on strong and ended up being a real player!

Mo is strong and wise.  You didn't want to mess with this bull, you might get the horns!

Beth is a looker and could be a real b&%$# sometimes!

Mia wasn't anything like the character in Yellowstone.  We all loved her!

‚ÄčIt's pretty hard getting 11 puppies to look at the camera at once!!

Gator was kind of quiet but strong and polite.  If you don't know who Gator was check out his story.

2022 Puppies

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