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Angie-I grew up with pointing dogs and started my own line with shorthaired pointers many years ago.  When Paul and I met it seemed we shared the common bond and love of our dogs while also complimenting one another while training and raising puppies.  We feel we have defined a positive and effective method of working with dogs that help them learn and stay enthused about hunting and training.  We are thankful for the many friends that are trainers and have helped define our methods and given us help along the journey.  

Paul-As a professional educator for 35 years, I find the psychology learned in my career helps me be an effective trainer.  Utilizing methods learned in education I look to provide the maximum opportunity for dogs to be successful and then catch them doing the right thing.   I then provide positive reinforcement.  We feel our training methods keep the dogs interested and happy while also providing the guidance they need. 

I pattern my career, and training, from the book, 'Whale Done," by Ken Blanchard.  His observations of training killer whales as Sea World also guide my methodology.